Global Business, Language and LocWorld – VistaTalks Ep 80


Global Business, Language and LocWorld - Episode 80

In this episode, guest Ulrich Henes, President, Localization Institute, joins VistaTalks host Simon Hodgkins to discuss LocWorld, The Localization Institute, Brand2Global, LocWorldWide Africa, Multilingual Magazine, and other language industry topics. Ulrich is one of the most recognized names in international business and localization. He has always been fascinated by language, cultural differences, and global business. In 1996 Ulrich founded the Localization Institute, a leader in localization education. The institute also organizes the leading events in the localization industry, LocWorld, and LocWorldWide where people can network and learn. Ulrich has won several awards, including the Think Global Awards “Language Industry Person of the Year.”

Ulrich shares the initial concept for the Localization Institute and LocWorld with Donna Parish, and Ulrich and Simon discuss the changes and developments in the language industry.

The pandemic has seen an acceleration in the world of online business. Many industries have flourished, while others have seen challenges.
Simon asks Ulrich, “Is the localization industry more important now than ever?”