Experience Linked Data For Localization


Vistatec’s Experiences with Linked Data for Localization

June 03, 2014

Phil Ritchie CTO of Vistatec, a leading company that helps to optimize the global commercial potential of some of the worlds most iconic brands and products, is speaking on “Vistatec’s Experiences with Linked Data for Localization” and “Building a Language Quality Pipeline Using Open Standards” at the Localization World Dublin 2014 conference to be held June 4-6 at The Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland.

​“Localization World is a key conference for companies that are doing business globally or that are addressing multiple language markets,” says Ritchie “Our presentation will really focus on translation service quality”

Phil is Chief Technology Officer at Vistatec where he directs all Language Technology and Research and Development activities. Phil is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events. He is a founding Industrial Partner of the Center for Intelligent Content and serves as Chairman of its Industrial Advisory Board. Phil has been a partner in European Union funded 7th Framework Programs and is a member of the W3C and several of its communities including the Multilingual Web — Language Technologies and Linked Data for Language Technologies. He is also the lead architect of the open source Ocelot XLIFF Editor. Phil has a Bachelor of Science Degree and 20 years of industry experience at senior director level.

The Localization World Event brings together delegates who are engaged in the business of adapting products, services and communications to an international language or culture so as to appear native to that particular region. Speakers at the conference include representatives from Adobe Systems, eBay, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Vistatec among other notable companies. The conference is produced by MultiLingual Computing, Inc. and The Localization Institute.

Magnus Lindkvist, one of the world’s leading and most respected futurists, will deliver the keynote address. Lindkvist works with corporations and governments around the world and is the author of When the Future Begins: A Guide to Long-Term Thinking, Everything We Know is Wrong and The Attack of the Unexpected.

Attendees may choose from nine tracks during the main conference: Global Business, Web/Mobile, Content Strategy, Translation Automation (TAUS), Localization Core Competencies, Advanced Localization Management, Localization Service Provider (LSP), Unconference and The Inside Track. The pre-conference day will include round tables for consultants and topics that include sales and marketing, life science business and game localization. There will also be a professional development initiative, an introduction to localization, a quality evaluation summit and a track on interoperability standards.