Celebrating Vistatec’s 25 Years Within the Localization Industry – VistaTalks Ep 94


Celebrating Vistatec's 25 Years Within the Localization Industry - Episode 94

In this episode, VistaTalks host Simon Hodgkins is joined by guests Thomas Murray, Vistatec CEO, Patrick Kelly, CCO, Siobhán Gantly, CHRO, Unn Villius, CSO, Phil Ritchie, CTO, Jerry Lane, IT Director, Adam Thompson, CFO, and Yvonne McNamara, COO. The Vistatec CEO and leadership team share their thoughts on being 25 years in business, including changes they have seen from a company and customer perspective and how the industry landscape is changing.

Vistatec Co-Founder and CCO Patrick Kelly shares several thoughts as he looks back on the very early days of Vistatec, founded in 1997. CHRO, Siobhán Gantly, expands on the changes to Vistatec’s global expansion from the global HQ in Dublin, Ireland, to operating in Mountain View, California, and onto Vistatec’s global hubs around the world. Siobhán shares how hiring and growing international teams continue to develop.

Unn Villius, Vistatec’s CSO, discusses leading a global sales division that attracts new business with major customers worldwide. With the organization in its 25th year, Unn shares what continues to attract companies to choose Vistatec. She explains what makes Vistatec the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading brands.

With global revenues continuing to grow and the requirement for content continuing at an ever-increasing pace, helping Vistatec customers to engage with their target markets worldwide is a 24/7 x 365 days a year activity. Building bespoke solutions for customers has become a large part of what makes Vistatec unique in the industry. Vistatec CTO Phil Ritchie shares his thoughts on how this continues to change over the years.

Regarding technology infrastructure, we turn the discussion to Jerry Lane, Vistatec’s IT Director. As Vistatec expands internationally, Jerry shares how the company continues to utilize the latest tools and platforms to support a global community of Vistatec people and worldwide partners.

With global economic factors impacting many regions of the world, Adam Thompson, Vistatec’s CFO, discusses how the company has seen many economic cycles over the 25 years, bringing global challenges and opportunities. The financial backdrop continues to change; Adam discusses what impacts this has and how there are opportunities even in challenging times. He shares how nobody can accurately predict what happens in the future, and a business must remain agile and alert to what is happening locally and internationally. Adam comments that we have gone through a time of significant change and will continue to do so.

From a financial perspective, there are always changes and adjustments happening. As Vistatec is a global organization, the impacts around the world are sometimes in sync and other times specific to a particular area. National/local governments and legal changes can require specific ways in which you operate in many global markets and currencies, which often allows Vistatec to be proactive and ahead of the curve in this regard. After 25 years in business, Adam comments, “We have seen a large number of circumstances and changes, and I am confident that we have the expertise and knowledge to adapt accordingly.”

Vistatec has one of the most admired global communities in their industry, built over 25 years. In addition to Vistatec people working with clients and managing projects worldwide, Vistatec has an expert group of over 10,000 people, including linguistic experts and global partners. Yvonne McNamara, CCO shares how Vistatec provides a world-class experience for their global customers.