Building High Performing Teams – VistaTalks Episode 113


Building High Performing Teams - VistaTalks Episode 113

In this episode of VistaTalks, Karen Jones joins host Simon Hodgkins. Karen is the Director of Consulting and Partnerships at Denison Consulting Europe. Karen works with clients to explore their organizational culture, define their current state, and prioritize action to drive delivery.

The Denison Organisational Culture survey and Leadership Development assessments enable an organization to understand its current culture and the collective strength of its leaders and employees, making explicit what previously may have appeared ambiguous and unmanageable. Recognizing an organization’s ability to grow, operate efficiently, and produce quality products and services depends on an aligned workforce with the capacity to innovate and execute.

Karen specializes in high-impact development programs and one-to-one coaching that operate at the deeper level of attitudes and habits and lead to powerful management and leadership styles that drive compassionate accountability. She is at her best working with entire teams to create a unique space for them to explore personal defenses and choices that often maintain division and inefficient decision-making.

The Denison model and survey have a strong research foundation and offer proven reliability and validity, providing results compared to a normative benchmarking database. The model also ties survey results to bottom-line performance metrics through statistical analysis and applies to a broad spectrum of organizations in various industries globally, and is translated, localized, and deployed in over 40 languages.