CES 2024: Lessons from a World in Flux


CES 2024: Lessons from a World in Flux

Vistatec’s Take on Trends at CES 2024

As a leading global content solutions provider, Vistatec touches almost all aspects of our world’s increasingly complex technology. So, it’s no surprise that we were in the front row at CES 2024, the premier global stage for innovation in technology and consumer electronics. 

While AI and sustainability were overarching themes on everyone’s minds at CES 2024, other hot topics observed included accessibility, digital health, cybersecurity, and privacy policy. This article shares several insights and takeaways from the influential event.

AI Technology Crosses All Sectors

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) was the talk of the town at CES 2024, highlighting its impact across various industries. Michelle Gansle, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for McDonald’s, captured the current conundrum around AI: “Right now, we don’t know what is possible with AI, but I think it will help us discover what is possible.”

Consumers and the technology press were dazzled by showy prototypes like the Rabbit R1, a walkie-talkie-like device designed to integrate distinct apps into a single AI-powered interface. This was just one example of how AI is becoming integral to everyday gadgets, offering solutions beyond traditional computing environments.

Several sessions and keynote presentations examined the growing influence of AI and how it’s reshaping industries and driving innovation. A key session, “Great Minds, Bold Visions: What’s Next for AI?” featured discussions by industry pioneers on the future and transformative nature of AI in areas like job augmentation, societal changes, and efficiency improvements. The session emphasized AI’s role as a technology shift akin to electricity.

Other AI-powered highlights included Intel’s 14th Gen Core processors, designed specifically to enhance AI capabilities, the sleek designs for Honda’s new electric vehicles, VinFast’s entry into the electric pickup truck market, a new feature in Google Maps for EV drivers to track real-time battery information, and Google and Samsung’s collaboration on a cross-Android solution, Quick Share, for faster and easier file sharing. 

Health monitoring gadgets like Serenity’s fall-detection system, Vivoo’s at-home UTI test, and Tack One’s AI-powered location technology device also drew attention. 

From Green AI optimizing crop farming to McDonald’s fraud prevention program, CES 2024 showed that one of AI’s challenges will be imagining new ways and reasons to use it.

McDonald’s: Brand Loyalty Via Authentic Experiences

Allegra Krishnan, Vice President and Chief Loyalty & Engagement Officer for McDonald’s, joined the CEOs of Snap and Medialink and marketing professionals from Autodesk and Northwestern Mutual to talk about cultivating customer loyalty at a time when attention spans are stretched to their limit. 

McDonald’s focuses on brand engagement and consumer loyalty, stressing the importance of the “first date” in programs like McDonald’s Rewards. On the other hand, Snap encourages B2B loyalty through connections, using AI to offer authenticity and personalization to bridge customer uncertainty and opportunity.

Presenters stressed the importance of speaking to audiences directly, personally, and authentically at all times and proactively moderating content, which consumers appreciate and builds brand loyalty.

L’Oréal Keynote: Beauty Among the Stars

For the first time in the show’s history, CES invited a global beauty brand to deliver its opening keynote.

L’Oréal has been attending the show since 2016 and has won over 20 innovation awards for accessible design and contributions to beauty technology. This year’s keynote address, given by CEO Nicolas Hieronimus, showcased L’Oréal’s leadership in accessibility, sustainability, and carbon neutrality.

Hieronimus and brand ambassador Eva Longoria highlighted L’Oréal’s innovations, which included

  • Gjosa’s In-Flow technology divides water from salon showerheads into smaller droplets, reducing water use by 69%.
  • HAPTA Lancôme, the world’s first handheld computerized makeup applicator, assists users with mobility issues, limited grip strength, or poor wrist mobility who may find it challenging to apply lipstick or mascara.     
  • BeautyGenius, an AI-driven beauty guidance app, allows users to try cosmetics and get skin care recommendations virtually.

“You may wonder why we’re discussing beauty at CES,” noted Hieronimus. “Because at L’Oréal, we believe that tech can push the boundaries of what’s possible to help us improve the lives of consumers around the world and cater to the infinite diversity of beauty needs and aspirations of every individual.” 

Disney: How to Work with Everyone

In a media landscape where streaming is accelerating at a breakneck pace, one of the most eye-opening presentations came from Disney, whose Disney+ streaming service has become one of the industry’s juggernauts. 

In The Future of Advertising: The New Streaming Formula, Disney Global Advertising President Rita Ferro and other top executives discussed Disney’s latest advances and offered a glimpse into the future of content consumption and advertising.

Disney highlighted new e-commerce features, such as:

  • Disney’s Gateway Shop platform enables the direct purchase of products from streaming content. 
  • Disney’s Magic Words is a novel contextual advertising format that blends data and creative content to boost viewer engagement and ad effectiveness.

The company has unified its advertising platform across Hulu and Disney+, reflecting an industry shift towards more integrated and seamless advertising experiences. The goal, says Disney, is to tell the consumer a story for each moment.

Thematically, Disney emphasized the powerful combination of simplicity and creativity with interoperability — the ability to work with everyone. A takeaway from the session: platform partnerships should be the blueprint for a new digital ecosystem, rather than streaming services seeing each other as competitors.

Harnessing Technology for Sustainability

Sustainability was another central theme, and many sessions discussed using technology to address environmental concerns. Examples were abundant, from Deloitte’s GreenSpaceTech platform, which helps clients move towards decarbonization, to Tuya Smart’s Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and Net Zero Solutions.

Speakers across industries shared insights on how their companies integrate sustainable practices into their businesses, from developing eco-friendly products and packaging to implementing energy-efficient processes.

Digital Health Presents Opportunities

Several sessions at CES 2024 focused on digital health and the transformation and challenges in healthcare technology:

  • Gale Boudreaux from Elevance highlighted their shift toward using AI concierge tools to make health systems easier for users to navigate.
  • Dr. Peter Lee from Microsoft Life Sciences emphasized using data to personalize clinical interactions and improve care.
  • Wisp Digital Health noted considerable challenges lie ahead in achieving health equity.

All agreed that one of digital health’s most significant opportunities is building a seamless patient experience, including diagnostics, telehealth, and in-person care visits. 

However, of the 3,500 exhibitors at the show, only a handful focus on women’s health exclusively, and with only 4% of funding going to women and 3% of start-up founders women, there is a significant opportunity in FemTech. 

“The women’s digital health industry is forecasted to reach $1.2 trillion by 2027,” said Jessica Boothe, Director of Market Research at the Consumer Technology Association. “This area is ripe for the technology industry.”

The Year Ahead

Post-CES 2024, the horizon is bright. In the coming year, we can expect

  • The innovations in AI, sustainability, and digital health will continue to gain momentum. 
  • Immersive technologies like virtual and mixed reality will transform consumer and professional spaces. 
  • New technologies, from healthcare to automotive, aim to enhance user experiences and improve operational efficiencies. 
  • Innovations in smart healthcare and more sustainable living will become part of our everyday reality.

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