Introducing the Life Sciences — In Focus Podcast: Expert Insights in Life Sciences


Introducing the 'Life Sciences — In Focus' Podcast: Expert Insights in Life Sciences

The ‘Life Sciences — In Focus’ podcast, brought to you by Vistatec, introduces a new avenue for exploring the dynamic and ever-evolving world of life sciences. Listen to Episode 0 here, or read the recap below.

In this introductory episode, Maria Roa, Marketing Communications and Events Manager, expertly set the stage for what promises to be a series of insightful and engaging discussions. Joining her are three dynamic professionals:

Meet the Hosts

Maria Mateos, Strategic Account Director – Life Sciences

A rich background in linguistics and account management in life sciences.

Karen Tkaczyk, Director of Sales – Life Sciences

A chemist-turned-language services expert, she brings a wealth of experience from biopharma to translation.

Teresa Lawless, Director of Sales – Life Sciences

Specializing in localization for life sciences with over two decades of industry expertise.

Together, these professionals form a formidable team, ready to explore the intricacies of life sciences.

A Glimpse into the Podcast’s Future

The ‘Life Sciences — In-Focus’ podcast aims to dissect various topics, from medical regulations to technology and clinical trials. Upcoming episodes will feature industry leaders and innovators, offering a panoramic view of the landscape of life sciences.

Future Focus Areas

Maria Mateos will illuminate the complex world of clinical trials and global clinical spaces. Teresa Lawless plans to delve into medical devices and regulatory aspects with a European lens. Karen Tkaczyk will cover a broad spectrum of regulated life sciences topics, promising various insights, content, and focus areas, including the below:

This involves using biological systems, organisms, or derivatives to develop or create different products. It often overlaps with pharmaceutical development, agricultural improvements, and environmental conservation efforts.

Pharma focuses on developing, producing, and marketing drugs licensed as medications. It is one of the most research-intensive and regulated sectors within life sciences.

Medical Technology (Medtech)
This sector includes medical devices, medical equipment, and healthcare technologies. It ranges from simple bandages to complex diagnostic machines and innovative prosthetics.

Health Technology (Healthtech)

Healthtech encompasses various technological solutions designed to improve healthcare delivery. It includes telemedicine, wearable devices, health informatics, and digital health applications.

Healthcare Services
This area involves providing medical services by healthcare professionals. It covers hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare provider settings.

Clinical Trials, Research, and Regulation
This sector focuses on conducting research studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs, treatments, and medical devices.  

Genomics and Genetic Engineering
These fields involve studying the genome and genetic manipulation for various applications, including disease treatment, improved agricultural practices, and biological research.

Environmental Science and Ecology
While not always directly associated with healthcare, these fields play a significant role in understanding disease vectors, environmental impacts on health, and the development of sustainable practices.


This is the study of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and neural networks. It has significant implications for understanding diseases and disorders of the brain and developing treatments.

Regenerative Medicine
This area focuses on regenerating, repairing, or replacing damaged cells, organs, or tissues. It includes stem cell research, tissue engineering, and transplant medicine.

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
This sector involves foods with medicinal or health benefits beyond essential nutrition. These can include dietary supplements, fortified food products, and herbal products.

Public Health and Epidemiology
These fields focus on the health and well-being of populations, disease prevention, and the study of disease patterns, causes, and effects in populations.

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
These areas involve the application of computer science and information technology to the biological sciences, which is crucial for managing and interpreting biological data.

Introductory Highlights

The episode introduced the hosts and set the tone for what listeners can expect: a blend of expert insights, personal anecdotes, and a deep dive into the nuances of life sciences. Listen or watch the conversation, from initial introductions to the preview of themes and topics that will shape the podcast in this new show.

The ‘Life Sciences — In Focus’ podcast represents a commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of life sciences. With its monthly release schedule and availability across major platforms, including Spotify, Google, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts, this podcast is poised to become a go-to resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where the hosts will continue to unravel the complex tapestry of life sciences, one expert conversation at a time.

About Life Sciences In Focus

Life Sciences — In Focus has a team of expert hosts who will be joined by featured guests, including industry leaders and innovators, offering a panoramic view of the global landscape of the life sciences industry.

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