Community Localization


Community Localization

Myths, Assumptions, and Reality

Peiying Mo, Mozilla Corporation and Jill Goldsberry, Vistatec, team up to bring you a webinar on community localization. During the webinar you will have the opportunity to learn about the following areas:

  • Learn best practices about working with “volunteer community translators” from around the globe for a not-for-profit enterprise like Mozilla.
  • Discussion of Myth’s -vs- Realities of community translation.
  • Learn how gratifying it can be to see a Community in action; globalizing their countries content out of a sense of pride.
  • You can check out the webinar here.

About Peiying Mo

For the past six years, she’s worked at Mozilla. There, she works with community volunteers around the globe, managing localization for various departments including marketing, legal and She is an avid traveler, going to places high in altitude and latitude and lots of places in between. On New Year’s Day, 2016, she set foot on Antarctica, completing trips to all seven continents.

About Mozilla Corporation

The Mozilla Corporation was established in August 2005 as a wholly owned taxable subsidiary that serves the non-profit, public benefit goals of its parent, the Mozilla Foundation, and the vast Mozilla community.

The Mozilla Corporation is guided by the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto.

About Jill Goldsberry

Jill is a Localization, Sales and Marketing Executive experienced in assisting companies with their globalization and growth strategy. Jill has worn many hats in her 20+ yrs career; including digital marketer, publisher, sponsorship and business development director across diverse verticals like technology, media and globalization.

As a result, she has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges within organizations of every type. Her true passion is to connect individuals and teams with relevant, impactful opportunities to drive business expansion.

About Vistatec

We have been helping some of the world’s most iconic brands to optimize their global commercial potential since 1997. Vistatec is one of the world’s leading global content solutions providers. HQ in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Mountain View, California, USA.