Decoding Human Movement, Scaling Language Apps, and Global Product Marketing – VistaTalks Episode 123


Decoding Human Movement, Scaling Language Apps, and Global Product Marketing – VistaTalks Episode 123

In this episode of VistaTalks, host Simon Hodgkins is joined by Elliott Rayner, Chief Marketing Officer at ARION. Elliott’s career has taken him from sporting giants like Adidas and ASICS to his current role. Rayner’s passion for marketing and innovation, particularly in the sports industry, is evident in his professional journey. Prior to ARION, Rayner headed the global product marketing function at Babbel, a renowned language learning platform. There, he led a team of product marketers, shaping the product roadmap and communication strategy behind Babbel’s latest innovations.

Elliot has also lent his expertise to the Product Marketing Alliance, the world’s largest product marketing community. As an expert in residence, he shares his insights on product roadmap shaping and communication strategy.

In his current role at ARION, he leads a team focused on creating meaningful wearables that combine cutting-edge movement science with proven technology. ARION’s products go beyond simple data reporting; they aim to provide insight into improving individual movement patterns, making the science of movement accessible and easy to understand for all.

On the VistaTalks podcast, Elliot shared fascinating insights on the ever-evolving world of product marketing. He gave us a glimpse into his approach to innovation and how he combines his passion for storytelling with marketing to create impactful products. We explored his career trajectory, the experiences that shaped his expertise, and how he leverages his skills to promote health and performance.

ARION is on a mission to decode human movement to accelerate breakthrough innovations that move the world forward. The ARION team develops state-of-the-art technologies based on cutting-edge movement science and research. Every step taken in a pair of ARION smart insoles drives ARION’s proprietary database of millions of footsteps from individuals worldwide. This database allows ARION to continually innovate and build upon its foundation of eight patents and over fifteen years of research and development in collaboration with world-renowned research institutions, including TNO, Loughborough University, and Maastricht University.

Join us on this episode, where we discuss, Content, AI, Storytelling, International Growth, Product Marketing, Language, and a host of topics!