Revolutionizing Content and Cultivating Success – VistaTalks Episode 121


Revolutionizing Content and Cultivating Success - VistaTalks Episode 121

In this episode of VistaTalks, host Simon Hodgkins is joined by Beth Dunn, a visionary Product Content Leader, Author, Consultant, and Coach. Beth pioneered the content design practice at HubSpot, including developing and leading the global HubSpot content design team. Her book, Cultivating Content Design, established Full Stack Content Design as the engine for content-driven, product-led growth. The discussion covers Beth’s journey in content, working with HubSpot’s content design team, and assisting in propelling the company’s growth from 50 to 8000 employees. Simon and Beth discuss the impact of AI on content and Beth’s views on the world of delivering content that delights and drives positive outcomes and results. 

As an accomplished author, Beth Dunn penned the influential book, Cultivating Content Design. This groundbreaking work empowers organizations to fundamentally transform their approach to content, leveraging the existing tools and teams they have in place. Through practical guidance and a focus on storytelling and brand connection, Beth provides the keys to establishing a strong content practice that resonates with users and drives meaningful results. Beth’s expertise lies in leveraging the power of content to drive adoption, retention, revenue, and overall business growth.

Beyond her role as an author, Beth is an enthusiastic and engaging keynote speaker and workshop leader. Beth is known for her unique blend of grounded optimism, warm humor, and practical advice. She captivates audiences with topics ranging from product-led brand voice to cultivating content design in any organization. Whether you’re a product leader, content designer, developer, designer, marketer, or product manager, Beth’s expertise will help you tell better product stories and nail a stronger, more compelling product voice.

In addition to her thought leadership and speaking engagements, Beth Dunn offers executive and leadership development coaching for individuals and teams. Drawing upon her extensive business and leadership experience and credentials from the International Coaching Federation and the Gestalt International Study Center, Beth helps leaders find their most authentic presence, develop self-awareness, and achieve their professional and personal goals. She specializes in supporting leaders through significant transitions and guiding them toward balanced, values-led success.

Beth regularly shares her insights and inspiration through her newsletter, Voice Mail, a love letter to writers, creators, and word enthusiasts. Packed with ideas, good news, and good vibes, Voice Mail is a must-read for anyone looking to make meaning with their words.

The compelling content journey continues for Beth as the Head of Product Content at Practice Better, an incredible mission-driven company focused on helping people live better lives. Join us on this episode of VistaTalks as we dive deep into the world of product content and content design with the brilliant Beth Dunn. Her wealth of knowledge, industry insights, and infectious energy will inspire and equip you to drive remarkable business results through great content.