Sibylle Eibl


Sibylle Eibl

Director, Global Solutions, Vistatec

Sibylle Eibl brings a wealth of experience to the Vistatec team, and in her current role as Global Solutions Architect, Sibylle’s focus is on learning about our clients’ global objectives and identifying multilingual content requirements to formulate tailored solutions and globalization programs for our clients around the world.

Sibylle effectively acts as an ambassador for our customers and is the trusted liaison between the business development, applied technology and operations teams within Vistatec.

With a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of the Saarland, Germany, Sibylle has worked in a number of leading industry positions across the sector.

Sibylle joined Vistatec in 2010 and managed the Language Review and Digital Marketing Services divisions within Vistatec, before taking up her current role.

Sibylle uniquely combines her expertise in customer relationship, multilingual content, global brand and language management with in-depth knowledge of operational and technical requirements.

In an interview Sibylle said recently: “The evolution and maturing of the language industry since the early 1990s has been phenomenal. I am very proud to have been part of the multilingual content growth — from software product localization in the early days to the global recognition of hyperlocal content for authenticity in customer experience and global brand protection. I am particularly pleased to have been able to contribute to many key milestones in our space, from testing computer aided translation concepts in the early 90s to adopting modern day MT technologies.”

This article first appeared in VTQ Magazine. 
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