Vistatec Win Best Employers Award


Industry leaders Vistatec win ‘Best Employers in Localization Awards’

Vistatec are recognized at the ‘Best Employers in Localization Awards’

These awards recognize language service providers (LSPs) who make it a priority to support their staff to achieve more than they thought possible.

Vistatec is delighted to be acknowledged as a leading LSP who ensures that all staff are provided with the right tools, platform, and environment to perform at the highest level and to provide an exceptional service for our clients.

Vistatec is proud to be recognized for providing a continuous opportunity for learning and development, that creates a stable and secure work atmosphere where the wellbeing of our staff comes first.

Vistatec has been awarded the overall category winner for best employee well-being.

Employee well-being is a pivotal issue still being perfected by companies across the globe. It is vital that employees are happy in their work in order to maintain motivation. The importance of a happy company culture cannot be underestimated. It isn’t difficult to see the value of building around well-being and adapting your focus.

“Through the Best Employers in Localization Awards, Vistatec is recognized as a top employer in the industry,” commented Siobhan Gantly, HR Director, Vistatec.

Studies show that companies who prioritise well-being have employees who miss less work are more engaged and innovative. Healthier happier employees are better employees.

Vistatec is delighted to be winners of this Bela Award category and to be recognised as a leading organisation by demonstrating our commitment to well-being. At Vistatec we are taking proactive measures to improve the workplace environment and implementing schemes that help to promote healthy living.