Leading Industry Experts Gather at the UnLOCked Symposium


Leading Industry Experts Gather at the UnLOCked Symposium

The Age of AI with Phrase and Vistatec

The greatest events happen when amazing people collaborate, and UnLOCked is a prime example. The Amsterdam-based event, which was hosted at The Pulitzer on March 21, 2024, was the inaugural collaborative event between Vistatec and Phrase

UnLOCked commenced with a keynote address from Alison Toon, Senior Analyst at CSA Research, about strategies for success in the post-localization era. Topics covered include the shift to post-localization, blended enterprise-driven content solutions, growth driven by machine augmentation, the blending of spoken and written assets, and the change in global content solutions to being human at its core with AI involvement and natural language processing. 

After a break, lunch, and time for networking, everyone went back into a thought-provoking panel discussion and Think Tank to dive deeper into the ‘Age of AI: Addressing Complex Business Challenges and Its Implications for Localization.’

This discussion was followed by an engaging panel discussion about the Age of AI: Solving Complex Business Challenges and the Impact for Localization with Simone Bohnenberger, PhD of Phrase, Alice Desmoulins of Miro, Phil Ritchie of Vistatec, and Sophie Top of Canyon. The discussion focused on the following questions: 

  • How are you currently using AI in your organization for localization? How do you see this evolving in the next few years? 
  • What metrics can be used to measure success in implementing AI for multilingual content and localization?

The discussion included contributions from many audience members; the main takeaways were as follows: 

  • Some organizations need more alignment on who manages AI, while others have steering committees responsible for driving initiatives.
  • We are looking toward a future where many AIs are doing distinctively different things.
  • Personalization and scalability are essential – but the other side is that the truth can be unclear. 

“As someone who is passionate about innovation and forward-thinking solutions, I was blown away by the success of UnLOCked. The positive feedback we received on our keynote speaker and panelists was a clear indication of their expertise and knowledge in the chosen topics.  What struck me most, however, was the energy that permeated throughout the day. Attendees were engaged and invested in the discussions, which centered around the latest developments in AI and the localization industry. What really set UnLOCked apart was the opportunity for attendees to share their unique experiences and insights during the afternoon Think Tank. 

In organizing the event with our partner Phrase, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our guests to come together, learn from each other, and build lasting connections. And this certainly happened. Kudos to the Phrase and Vistatec teams for all the fun working together on this,” says Teresa Lawless, Director of Sales,  Vistatec. 

The conversation continued over dinner at the Secret Garden in Amsterdam, where guests concluded the event with meaningful dialogue, fostering professional connections amidst the venue’s elegant ambiance. If you’d like to learn more about future Vistatec events, subscribe to our newsletter here.