Market Strategy and Growth Acceleration Solutions – VistaTalks Ep 106


Market Strategy and Growth Acceleration Solutions - VistaTalks Ep 106

In this episode of VistaTalks, Patrycja Maksymowicz joins host María Roa. Patrycja has over three decades of experience in successful partnerships built around compassionate, empathy-driven business relationships. She was awarded “Quality of the Year” for management and innovative training and has gained numerous industry accreditations. Patrycja is the Founder of Open Solutions Global and the London Business Academy. She is also Chapter Director at Startup Grind, supporting the tech ecosystems in the North of England. Startup Grind was founded in Silicon Valley and currently counts chapters in over 600 cities across 125 countries. Patrycja supports the growth of companies and organizations and has worked with blue-chip clients such as Lego, BMW, Scania, Pirelli, and Carlsberg, as well as banks, armed forces, and government agencies. 

During the episode, Patrycja shares with María her early entrepreneurial endeavors and how she helps to create strategic plans for businesses, including what is important for her to know about a company in order to be able to help them.

María asks Patrycja about how she works with all types of organizations and helps them develop and execute new strategic plans. This includes any common mistakes that Patrycja has seen companies make repeatedly.

Patrycja shares her interest in technology and how some of her favorite projects involve helping technology organizations and entrepreneurs grow using effective technology.

As a Chapter Director of Startup Grind, Patrycja is involved with a global community. Startup Grind brings like-minded yet diverse individuals together to connect, learn, teach, help, build, and belong. They do this daily through local events, flagship conferences, startup membership, partner membership, student and investor programs, and online media and content. These activities collectively reach over 3.5 million individuals worldwide.

Many businesses are tech businesses today; Patrycja shares and explains how technology is a significant enabler for organizations. The conversation includes tech for good, life-changing tech, and the power of technology.