University of Lille


University of Lille

Vistatec welcomed Masters’ students from the University of Lille. During this visit, the Linguistics students had the opportunity to gain knowledge on translation and localization operations in Vistatec – a practical application of their studies and an area of interest for them.

The students were excited to be joined by Fabienne Perrin, an Alumnus of the University of Lille, a Senior Project Manager at Vistatec, who had also completed the same masters. She engaged the students in an in-depth discussion regarding the ins and outs of transcreation, SEO, and translation quality, which sparked much debate and interest from the visitors.

Simon Hodgkins, CMO at Vistatec presented the students with an overview of the organization’s global content solutions and delivered a synopsis of the overall content and technology vision and the values of the company and its worldwide operations.

The students also expressed interest in the marketing activities often carried out by Vistatec – including the VistaTalks podcast, VTQ magazine, and the Think Global Forum initiative.

Following the presentations, the students enjoyed a tour of the office, where they had the chance to meet several key members of staff.

Vistatec received the following message of thanks from the students following the visit:

Dear Vistatec,

Thank you for welcoming us in your headquarters in Dublin and for sharing with us your expertise and your vision of the language industry. As future translators and project managers, it was a privilege to exchange with your team that we hope to collaborate within the near future. We will also definitely check out your VistaTalks podcasts!

Kind regards,

The students of the Master TSM

It is with great pleasure that we welcome students from all over the world to visit Vistatec, and we endeavor to ensure each student leaves with a lasting impression and insight into the industry that they can bring forward into their future careers.