What Impact Has Technology Had on the Localization Industry? VistaTalks Ep 84


What Impact Has Technology Had on the Localization Industry? - Episode 84

In this episode, guest Michael J. Asquith, Senior Executive, Global Solutions at Vistatec joins  VistaTalks host Simon Hodgkins to discuss the localization industry, hosting X Cultural and being a Mentor for the Mentee Program at Women in Localization.

Michael shares the thinking behind X Cultural, and some of the interesting guests and companies involved so far. He explains how X Cultural is the intersection between passion, culture and global communications, and how he is hoping to inspire ideas, connectivity, and global mindedness. Michael shares his involvement in the US and European Think Global Forum event – World UX, explaining the benefits of meeting with leading individuals from global brands coming together to talk about challenges, opportunities, and obstacles.

Coming originally from a financial industry background, Michael discusses his interest in global business, and what impacts technology will continue to play within the localization industry.