Vistatec Announces Simon Hodgkins’ Recognition in the ‘CMOs to Watch in 2024′ by The CMO Alliance


Vistatec Announces Simon Hodgkins' Recognition in the ‘CMOs to Watch in 2024' by The CMO Alliance

Vistatec, a global leader in content solutions, is proud to announce that Simon Hodgkins, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), has been recognized in the prestigious ‘CMOs to Watch in 2024‘ report by the CMO Alliance.

This recognition marks the new and consecutive inclusion of Simon Hodgkins in this esteemed list, reflecting his exceptional capability in driving innovation, executing transformative strategies, and providing visionary leadership in the marketing sector. The ‘CMOs to Watch’ initiative is renowned for its meticulous selection of marketing leaders who profoundly impact the industry.

“Being acknowledged again among such respected peers is both a privilege and a reflection of our collective pursuit of excellence in marketing,” said Simon Hodgkins. “This recognition is not only a testament to my personal commitment but also to the dedication and innovative spirit of our marketing department at Vistatec.”

The ‘CMOs to Watch in 2024’ report offers a comprehensive view of the evolving marketing landscape, featuring insights and perspectives from some of the industry’s most influential figures. It is a vital resource for marketing professionals, guiding emerging trends, strategic development, and practical advice for CMOs at all levels.

“This honor underlines Vistatec’s commitment to setting industry benchmarks and continually pushing the boundaries of marketing excellence,” added Simon Hodgkins.

Vistatec extends its gratitude to the CMO Alliance for the ongoing acknowledgment of CMO Simon Hodgkins’s contributions to the marketing industry. We encourage marketing leaders and professionals to explore the insights offered in the report, which is an invaluable tool for understanding and adapting to the dynamic challenges of global marketing.

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