The Content Wrangler’s Guide to Future-Proofing Your Strategy – VistaTalks Episode 146


The Content Wrangler's Guide to Future-Proofing Your Strategy – VistaTalks Episode 146

In this episode of VistaTalks, host Simon Hodgkins is joined by Scott Abel, the renowned “Content Wrangler,” to discuss his journey, insights on content strategy, and the evolving role of AI in content creation and management. Scott’s extensive experience and thought leadership in the field of content strategy have earned him a place among the top 50 most influential marketing thought leaders by Brand Quarterly Magazine. In this engaging conversation, Scott shares his unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the content industry today.

A Journey into Content Strategy

Scott Abel’s foray into content strategy was serendipitous. Fresh out of university, he found himself working as a contractor at a consulting firm that placed him in a pharmaceutical company. The company faced a significant content challenge: expediting the review process for new drug applications to maximize profitability. Scott realized that their approach to content was strategic, sparking his interest in content strategy. This early experience laid the foundation for his career as a content strategist and, later, a content strategy evangelist.

The Evolving Landscape of Content in the Age of AI

Scott discusses the current content landscape, highlighting the rapid advancements in AI and its implications. He acknowledges the hype surrounding AI but emphasizes the need for a balanced approach. While AI can generate content quickly, Scott believes human oversight is crucial to ensure quality and prevent pitfalls. He noted that the role of a content strategist is evolving, with a growing need to champion over fear and help organizations navigate the complexities of AI integration.

Tackling Content Silos

One of the significant challenges Scott highlighted is the prevalence of content silos within organizations. He reflected on the insights of Ann Rockley, an industry expert who advocated for a unified content strategy. While achieving complete unification may be challenging, Scott stressed the importance of standardization, particularly in terminology.

By agreeing on specific terms and definitions, organizations can enhance machine translation, AI processing, and overall content coherence.

The Importance of Semantic Enrichment

Scott underscored the critical role of semantic enrichment in content strategy. He argued that while AI can perform many tasks, the value of well-structured, semantically rich content cannot be overstated. Investing in these areas can improve content quality and machine processing capabilities, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing the overall user experience. Scott encouraged content professionals to stay intellectually curious, continuously learn, and embrace new technologies.

Self-Service Content Experiences

Scott highlighted the growing demand for self-service content experiences, particularly in the wake of changing consumer behaviors during the pandemic. He emphasized that empowering customers to find answers independently enhances satisfaction and reduces support costs. Companies can provide seamless and efficient customer support by focusing on scalable, self-service content solutions and leveraging AI, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

The Content Wrangler Webinar Series

In addition to his consulting work, Scott hosts the Content Wrangler webinar series on BrightTALK, a platform that offers a marketplace for webinars. With over 730 recorded shows and a community of over 70,000, the series covers a wide range of content management, strategy, and innovation topics. The webinars feature interviews with industry leaders, practical case studies, and engaging discussions on the latest trends in content strategy. Scott’s diverse content offerings attract a broad audience, providing valuable insights for content professionals worldwide.

Embracing New Technologies and Networking

Scott emphasized the importance of embracing new technologies and the value of networking. He shared his personal experiences of learning from innovative case studies and connecting with creative professionals through his webinars. Building a strong network can provide new learning opportunities, introduce fresh perspectives, and foster collaboration. Scott also encouraged content professionals to take risks and experiment with new technologies, sharing their successes and failures to help others navigate the rapidly changing landscape.


Scott Abel’s conversation with Simon Hodgkins on VistaTalks provided a wealth of insights into the world of content strategy. From his early experiences in the pharmaceutical industry to his current role as a content strategy evangelist, Scott’s journey is a testament to the importance of strategic thinking and continuous learning. His perspectives on AI, content silos, semantic enrichment, and self-service content experiences offer valuable guidance for content professionals navigating today’s dynamic environment.

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