Winning Localization Strategies: From Challenges to Solutions with LocStep – John Walsh – Ep 129


Winning Localization Strategies: From Challenges to Solutions with LocStep - John Walsh - VistaTalks Episode 129

In the rapidly changing world of localization, John Walsh, Co-founder of LocStep Vendor Management Solutions, stands out by providing helpful solutions for companies, teams, and individuals looking to improve their localization programs and successes. In this episode, Host Simon Hodgkins discusses the approach of LocStep with John Walsh. With a rich history of optimizing localization processes at tech behemoths like Google, Meta, Twitter, and McAfee and a recent enlightening appearance on the VistaTalks podcast, Walsh offers a fresh perspective on the challenges and solutions in the localization industry.

About LocStep

LocStep is not your average vendor management company. Founded to enable client-side localization teams to focus on strategic areas, LocStep bridges businesses with localization service providers, ensuring seamless management of translation and localization projects. Beyond being a mere vendor management solution, LocStep assists client-side localization teams in developing scalable and efficient programs.

LocStep’s Unique Offerings

LocStep’s services are tailored to cater to businesses at different stages of their localization journey. From providing expert localization consultancy to designing the ideal outsourcing model, leveraging cutting-edge technology for process optimization, onboarding vendors seamlessly, and fostering long-term vendor partnerships, LocStep ensures that businesses get the best out of their localization efforts.

Localization Consultancy: Whether you’re new to the localization space or an experienced leader, LocStep offers guidance and comprehensive reviews of existing setups.

Technology Advisory: LocStep provides insights into the latest technology solutions, enabling businesses to leverage the most suitable tools for their localization operations.

Vendor Onboarding Services: LocStep ensures seamless integration of new vendors, streamlining the onboarding process with a comprehensive plan.

Long-Term Vendor Partnership Management: LocStep fosters collaborative relationships between companies and vendors, ensuring continued efficiency and success.

Challenges, Solutions, and the LocStep Approach

The localization landscape is fraught with challenges, from understanding the Localization Maturity Model to managing stakeholder expectations. However, with LocStep’s expertise, these challenges transform into opportunities. John Walsh emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement, and the essence of the ‘how’ in client-vendor relationships. It’s not just about who you collaborate with but how you collaborate that determines success.

Value Proposition and Stakeholder Engagement

For LocStep, the client’s value is of utmost importance. Whether streamlining processes, optimizing vendor relationships, or ensuring continuous improvements, LocStep is dedicated to helping clients achieve their localization goals. John Walsh’s insights highlight the importance of speaking the language of stakeholders, focusing on international performance, and aligning with broader business objectives.

John Walsh’s insights from his vast experience and appearance on the VistaTalks podcast provide a comprehensive view of the localization industry’s current state and future. As businesses expand their global footprint, efficient localization solutions become even more critical. 

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