Life Sciences Localization Strategy and Insights – Karen Tkaczyk – VistaTalks – Ep 136


Life Sciences Localization Strategy and Insights - Karen Tkaczyk - Episode 136

Life Sciences expert Karen Tkaczyk joins VistaTalks host María Roa on this podcast episode. Karen is a distinguished figure in the translation and language services sector, particularly within the life sciences domain. Currently Director of Sales – Life Sciences at Vistatec, Karen possesses a rare blend of scientific expertise and linguistic prowess, making her contributions invaluable to companies aiming to globalize their operations.

Karen’s journey is a testament to her passion for chemistry and languages. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, her career began in the pharmaceutical industry, working with giants like Zeneca (now part of AstraZeneca) and SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline). However, her linguistic skills, honed through a minor in French and an Erasmus year in France, paved her way into the localization industry. This unique combination enabled her to transition seamlessly from translating chemical documents as a freelance linguist to playing a pivotal role in helping companies navigate the complexities of going global.

Karen’s expertise is in translating languages and understanding the nuanced requirements of the highly regulated life sciences sector. Her work involves helping organizations translate complex, regulated content, such as FDA submissions and patents, which demands linguistic skills and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Her current role involves assisting in growing the Life Sciences Division at Vistatec, securing new clients, nurturing strategic accounts, and leveraging her extensive industry experience to provide tailored localization solutions.

During her conversation with host María Roa, Karen discussed several key topics, including the evolving landscape of clinical trials, the impact of regulations on the life sciences industry, and the potential applications of AI in this field. She highlighted the importance of understanding and adapting to new regulations, like the EU’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR), and the shift towards decentralizing clinical trials post-pandemic.

Karen also shared her insights on the critical role of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials, emphasizing how varying responses to treatments across different demographics necessitate a more inclusive research approach. Furthermore, she touched upon the significance of real-world evidence and data in complementing clinical trials, offering a more comprehensive view of a treatment’s effectiveness across diverse populations.

Beyond her professional achievements, Karen is also gearing up to host a series of podcasts and discussions for Vistatec’s Life Sciences Division, focusing on the life sciences and healthcare sector. This initiative aims to share knowledge and insights from experts within the field, further solidifying her commitment to fostering understanding and innovation in the localization of life sciences.

Karen Tkaczyk’s story is a reminder of how the intersection of diverse interests and expertise can lead to groundbreaking contributions in specialized fields. Her dedication to bridging the gap between science and languages enhances the global reach of life sciences companies and ensures that advancements in healthcare are accessible to a worldwide audience. As we navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving industry, Karen’s work serves as a standard of excellence and innovation in the localization sector.

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