World UX – Part Three


The Why, What, and the How of World UX

In this third article, we are discussing several additional essential topics. We continue the discussion about the Why, What, and the How of World UX.

Needs and Requirements of End Users

It remains vital that the understanding of what is localization can be discussed and explored
with other teams. It can be a common understanding that the localization team are obviously
interested in the translations and the languages and that you are merely producing a
language version. The movement of localization from a cost centre to a revenue generating
centre may not be understood by some areas of a company. There are so many other
elements that come into play with UX and the wider combination of design, content, and

Teams can share the requirement of creating a return on investment (ROI) for the languages
that you are managing, outlining the benefits and the ROI for localization. In some cases, if
you are coming at the challenges from a pure localization background, it may be
advantageous to increase knowledge, people and skills in the areas of design and
research. Many localization people are naturally curious, and this combined with a vision to
learn and to improve skills can help when producing a compelling business case.

Securing Budgets and Stakeholder Support

At certain times, we find that we are required to secure budget and obtain stakeholder
support. Obtaining this may be a much easier process when armed with a broader business
case perspective that can demonstrate a real ROI that includes the importance of design,
content, and localization. One example that helped to illustrate the situation well at the
roundtable discussion was when a large global organization could clearly see that they were
starting to make more money from the non-English product than from their English product.
María Jesús de Arriba Díaz of Vistatec closed the roundtable discussion with the message
that “UX is not only a hot topic; this is where our industry, the localization industry needs to
be.” There are additional discussions on World UX coming soon including a workshop.

About the World UX Roundtable

The Vistatec World UX Roundtable event, took place on November 18, 2020, hosted by
María Jesús de Arriba Díaz of Vistatec, in conversation with Alberto Ferreira, Vodafone,
Tarja Karjalainen, Oura, Pat Higgins, Verizon Connect, Ryan Moroz, LINE Plus Corp, and
Sergio Valero Notari, Doctoralia. This online round table event aimed to share learnings on
why it is vital to bring design, content, and localization together. To visualize what an ideal
World UX would look like, and to hear real-life tips to get you started on this journey.

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